Hip Brace Thigh Compression Sleeve


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Promote injury recovery:

Multifunctional hip joint support bracket/sciatica bracket can relieve hip pain, sciatica, and help accelerate groin strain, hip flexor strain, sciatica, SI joint injury, strained hamstrings, Hip bursitis, hip arthritis, hip cleft lip or other injuries that cause discomfort in the hip/thigh area

Provide support and help relieve pain:

The most effective sciatic nerve brace/hip brace for men and women is designed to restore and resume daily exercise by providing stability and warmth. The hip flexor compression wrap helps improve mobility and reduces tension in the muscles. Can be used as sciatica relief support, hip flexor support, arthritis hip support, hip gusset, hip wrap, groin support, groin compression wrap, hamstring brace, thigh brace, SI brace, SI belt

Anti-slip design:

The waist belt prevents the thigh wraps from slipping or sliding during physical exercise. Different from regular hamstring wrap, thigh support brace, groin wrap, quadriceps brace, hip flexor wrap, gluteal brace, SI joint bracket/SI joint belt or hip corneal wrap, during light exercise Need to constantly pull up and re-adjust, let alone actual exercise or exercise

Fully adjustable:

Unlike other hip brace, this hip brace has wide and durable hook and loop fasteners that can provide targeted controlled compression and an ideal level of support. Far better than conventional hip support, it can stay in place well, will not undulate like other hip wraps, and relieve pain, sciatica compression braces, groin wraps, hamstring wraps Objects, limb/thigh wrap injuries, and women’s hip joints and men’s

The waist circumference is up to 43 inches, the waist circumference is up to 24 inches, and the hip stabilizer support frame/sciatica relief support frame can be used by both men and women. It can be worn on the left and right legs, under the clothes and on the clothes. The lightweight and breathable groin material support bracket fits tightly and will not hang on dry skin. It is very comfortable to wear throughout the day and is convenient and quick to put on and take off.

Hip Brace

Hip support thigh compression sleeves If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

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